1 Chronicles 28:20-
David also said to Solomon his son, Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD God, my God, is with you. He will not fail you or forsake you until all the work for the service of the temple of the LORD is finished.

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I had the good fortune to meet the love of my life, Jo Marie, while in college. After 48+ years, we have been blessed with 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

I graduated from Dallas Baptist College (now Dallas Baptist University) with a double major in Theology and Psychology. I served as youth minister and as assistant pastor in a couple of churches in and around Dallas while in college.

I eventually came to understand that God had called me to be a full time Christian, which did not necessarily mean a full time vocation. I have been, and continued to be honored that God has used me to reach people in ways that are improbable for full time pastors. And I remain open to His leading today.

All the preparation and training I had in public speaking, theater, theology and psychology, and eventually voice lessons have opened the door to many opportunities to teach and minister to those around me.

Half my working career was spent as a salesman, sales manager, and executive for a couple of Fortune 500 companies. Over 40+ years of working, my careers included consumer sales and merchandising, insurance and finincal planning, as well as many years in business and government finance.

One of those careers included a stint with ADP (the payroll people) working out of their national headquarters in New Jersey as a National Sales Manager for their financial accounting software and systems. Unfortunately we found New Jersey far too cold and too far from our family, so we returned to Texas after 3 years.

The remainder of my career, as Business IT consultant as well as an IT Specialist, Trainer, and project manager working for the Federal Court System. It was a smooth and natural evolution of my career from selling consumer products, finincal and insurance products, and IT systems to training and supporting financially related IT systems.

Since my "retirement," I have continued to work part-time helping friends with computer problems, as well as designing and managing web sites, and singing ... a lot! I have also continued my voice acting career doing both volunter and professional narration. (P.S - I am availble for any type of public speaking, or narration project.)

Finally I have returned to doing what I have always found most satisfying, and is just an extention of my service as a Deacon in my church, that is, helping people. However now I am helping people protect the ones they love through the vehicle of insurance, safe money, and health costs savings programs.

Yes I know what your thinking! However, reality check! Everyone will die eventually. The question is, what will happen to your loved ones when that day comes?

Will they be able to stay in the same house? Will they have enough income to live on? What about your retirement? Will you run out of money and have to move in with your kids? So you see, helping people plan for this time no one wants to talk about is one way I can help folks sleep at night!

Today, when I am not helping families protect the ones they love, I love singing, public speaking, narration, woodworking, and occassionaly fishing or hanging out with the kids or grandkids.

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